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How To Get Back Up After a Cheat Day

So you’ve had a cheat meal and you’re looking to find a way to get back on the ball. I’D LOVE to tell you that you’ve come to the right place and I’m going to bless you with some real …

13 KETO FOODS You’ll Need to Survive a Disaster

Don’t Give Up

Prepping for a hurricane can be a different game if you have specific dietary restrictions. Most usual “hurricane foods” include canned food with high amounts of trans fat, sugar and other nasty ingredients …

Are You Losing HAIR on the Ketogenic Diet?

I’m six months into my ketogenic diet, everything feels fine and dandy until I realize I’m starting to lose more and more hair every time I brush. Yikes! I immediately realized this is a huge health concern and sprang into …

My Favorite Keto Snacks

I always get questions about what I like to snack on during the day on keto. The truth is, I’m a snacker and  if I allow myself to snack whenever I want, I’ll end …

My Costco Essentials

Costco is my go-to grocery store because I can buy ingredients in bulk and save money! Luckily for me, Costco has a great healthy and organic selection so it’s a win-win. Below is everything I typically purchase 😁.


My Struggle with Weight Loss and ‘My Ketogenic Diet Story’

Sit back, grab a Zevia, and join me as I talk about my weight loss journey. Things are about to get real!